Group & Short Term

Group Health Insurance

Self- Funded Plans

Rethinking your employee health-benefit plan? 

Directly funding your own health-benefit plan can help you control your group’s health care costs — now, and for years to come. 

Not only does our Self-Funded Program usually cost less than a more traditional health benefit plan, it’s built to ensure your savings continue:
• Your money in your claims account goes exclusively to your group’s claims expenses
• If your group’s claims are less than expected, your savings can be significant
• If your group’s claims are larger than expected, stop-loss insurance protects your finances
• You have the opportunity to receive money back if you don’t use all the funds from your claims account


Health Insurance

We all know life can deliver a curveball or two, and when it does, it’s reassuring to know there is a smart and affordable option. A short-term medical policy (STM) is a simple major medical policy to cover you for periods as short as 30 days or up to 364 days.

Covering accidents and illness, a short-term medical plan can offer peace of mind during uncertain times. STM plans can provide coverage in between jobs, while waiting for your company plan to become effective or people waiting for Medicare, for example. Many people look at STM as a viable option to expensive COBRA plans.

In many states, an STM policy can begin as quickly as 12:01am the next day!  Deductibles as low as 1K with coverage up to 2 million dollars!
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