Term Life

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance provides coverage for a certain time period. It’s often called “pure life insurance” because it’s designed only to protect your dependents in case you die prematurely. If you have a term policy and die within the term, your beneficiaries receive the payout. The policy has no other value.

You choose the term when you buy the policy. Common terms are 10, 20 or 30 years. With most policies, the payout, called the death benefit, and the cost, or premium, stay the same throughout the term.

More Accessible and Affordable

Term life insurance has never been more accessible and affordable. Our simple form allows us to locate the least expensive rate from over 50 A /A+ carriers. Please contact and let us calculate just how much insurance you need to leave a legacy for the ones you love the most.

When you shop for term life:

• Choose a term that coincides with the years you’ll be paying the bills and want life insurance coverage in case you die early.
• Buy an amount your family would need if you were no longer there to provide for them. The payout could replace your income and help your family pay for services you perform now, such as child care.
Call one of our experts today to see how a term life insurance policy can protect you and your loved ones.
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