About Us

Meet the Team


Steve has always had a passion for helping others, something he learned when he received a degree in Occupational Therapy degree. Steve loves working side-by-side and finding solutions for each and every client and it is his #1 priority.

Specializing in healthcare, medicare and annuities for the past 7 years, Steve’s primary goal is to educate and empower families to gain the knowledge needed to navigate this rugged landscape. Steve’s motto is to go Above and Beyond regardless of age, education and wealth because every person has hurdles in the game of life, but Steve will go Above and Beyond to find the solutions for these challenges that life can throw…….

In his free time Steve enjoys golfing, hiking, fitness and time with the dogs. Steve takes Jake to the VA and local hospitals as pet therapy dog. Steve is an active member in his community and helps foster and place Great Danes.


Office manager
Originally born in Huntington Beach, CA and raised in Lake Havasu City AZ. She is an avid hiker and rock climber and has lived in the Phoenix area for over 10 years. Hayli has always here to provide information regarding billing, customer service and maintaining client relations. Hayli is an avid dog lover as well and has a 2 year old pit bull named Harley who she rescued from the shelter.


The Team Leader
The leader of the dog pack always there to keep the team in line and has a gentle soul to his demeanor. He travels once a week to help Steve greet his current clients and is even cat friendly!!! In his free time he enjoys chasing his little sister Daisy around and watching the Dolphins play football on Sunday…


The Overachiever
The athlete of the group and has boundless energy. She is quick and loves to out maneuver Jake or her older sister Morgan around the yard or dog park. She also enjoys football and meeting new people to “meet and greet”

Morgan aka “Pig Pen”

The HR Nightmare 
I am the slow one of the dog gang and don’t have energy to do a lot, but love drinking water out of any source….ie Pool, Kitchen sink, Koi pond, or yes even the toilet when someone forgets to close the seat…. My hobbies include barking at nothing, hanging out by the pool and trying to catch my brother and sister.
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